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Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ®: thanks to continuous research and development work for ensuring better services and higher quality, we have obtained the Oeko-Tex ® 100 Class 1 Standard from teh Cotton Textile Manufacturing Centre. This is the most severe certification, because it is adapted to suit every market, even the smallest. Therefore our products and services are both ecologically and quality certified and are suitable to be marketed in accordance with all current regulations..

Bayscent anti insect finish: this is a new treatment carried out on each type of material and has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ® certification. This allows you to keep away insects, such as mosquitoes, ticks and parasites. Resistant to up to 50 washes and suitable for all sectors: traditional, sports, technical and baby clothing, and both internal and external furnishings. See the promotional video about the product:

Clariant Easy-dry finish The product has the ability to dry faster, with a 33% saving in energy saving and time consuming, improves the angle of dripping and leaves a hydrophilic hand. Resistant to 50/60 wash at 60 °.

Clariant anti mite finish: the Sanitized AM 21-16 product, has been tested and certified by Clariant as eliminating the presence of mites. The product can be put on a label.

Clariant anti bacteria finish: the Sanitized T99-19 product has been tested and certified by Clariant as eliminating the presence of bacteria. This is suitable for the medical, company markets as well as the baby sector the product can be put on a label.

Bayscent Neutralizer finish: thanks to this discovery it is possible to eliminate smells and to achieve a wonderful sensation of cleanliness. Withstands up to 50 washes at 60° and helps product revitalisation and, thanks to refills on the market, is available for end users.

Bayscent finish with perfume essences:  rubbing releases the scent of aloe, lavender, chamomile, lemon, ginseng, ACE and vanilla. The treatment resists many washes at 60° and has the possibility of revitalising the product. Any personalised scent can be reproduced in the laboratory. The same product can be used to create perfumed bags for cupboards and enclosed spaces.
Thanks to partnerships with other textile companies, we can also carry out packaging and mechanical finishing processes, such as mercerisation, shrink treatments, brushing and teaselling.
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