Color laboratory

We have a specialized laboratory where chemical experts carry out daily sampling, testing and analysis of dyed or un-dyed fabrics. This is to ensure, besides quality, respect of every European and ecological environment regulation.
The Dyeing department is made up of 15 overflows for dyeing fabrics, and 2 overflows for product-dyeing, which, thanks to the complete automation of the handling of chemicals and dyestuffs, allows high accuracy and repeatability of tones on each fibre, synthetic or natural.


Special Indanthrene dye: thanks to innovative research tested on various fabrics, we have obtained a new washing resistance and solidity to IDH. This nanotechnology, is particularly suitable for industrial washing, makes the colour suitable to being subjected to a number of washes. For example, after more than 50 washes we have the same colour deterioration which normally occurs after only 20 washes, therefore having a product which is more competitive and significantly of a better quality.
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